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Fashion Week was a really busy time for everyone, especially for all models. Early mornings, long working hours, lack of sleep, heavy makeup – all of those factors can make your skin look really tired and dull. Dermanda knew that nailing a skincare base is imperative when it comes to fashion shows.

Our brand introduced amazing products: Dermanda Hydration & Firming Mask – inspired by clinically proven ingredients. The feather-light facial mask instantly soothes, tightens and revitalises the dull skin. Our mask was designed to provide a quick hydrating boost, while firming your skin to promote healthy, radiant complexion. Dermanda Mask is the perfect beauty product right before the show, thanks to its speed of application & quick-fix ability to hydrate tired skin. It only needs to be left on for around 15 minutes to reach its full efficiency, making it perfect and the best choice for a quick skincare boost.

Our product helped all models to boost their glow and bring back the radiant complexion right before the catwalk. Dermanda mask worked its magic in transforming skin ready for the show.

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